Frequently asked questions — Vittle

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is there a sign up deadline?

Orders must be submitted by Thursday at 11:59pm if you wish to begin receiving meals that following week. Upon signing up, there is a presumption that you wish to continue on a week-to-week basis unless you specify otherwise by the deadline of Thursday 11:59 pm.

What are my payment options?

All payments can be made via credit card or Interac e-transfer. There are no cancellation fees associated. If you are a subscribed customer and wish to stop for the following week, we require a notice via email before Thursday at midnight or through your dashboard by pausing your account. You may also put their accounts on hold if they are traveling.

What happens if I change my mind half way through the week or have to leave town for an emergency half way through the week?

All payments are final.

What if I’m not home?

Prior to signing up, we ask that you provide us with drop off instructions if you know you won’t be there to receive your meals. Some options consist of:

  1. Leaving your cooler bag with ice pack in front of your door;
  2. Have someone at home receive the meals for you;
  3. Lastly you can notify us that you won’t be home, and you can pick up the meals at the store located at 1160 Heron Road; and
  4. If all options are not possible the food will be delivered the following day with the next day’s meals.

Where does Vittle deliver to?

We currently deliver to the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. If you wish to take advantage of our Free Night before delivery, you must be receiving a minimum of 3 MEALS/ delivery, and you must choose the Night before delivery option. If you have less than 3 meals/ delivery a $7 delivery charge would be added per delivery. If you choose DAYTIME deliveries, a $7 delivery charge would be added but there is NO MINIMUM MEAL REQUIREMENT. Additional delivery charges will be added if you reside more than 15 km away from our headquarters – 1160 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario.

What days do you deliver and what time?

To ensure freshness and quality, our meals are prepared daily and never frozen, therefore we deliver every day of the week. Our delivery times are between the hours of 2:00 pm to 8:00PM. We also offer daytime delivery to your work or home Monday to Friday between 9 am – noon (surcharge will apply). Our drivers are very consistent, once you receive your first delivery, you will have a clear idea when he arrives daily. In addition, you will receive notification via text or email that the driver has left the facility and arrived at your doorsteps.

What if I live in an apartment building and I'm not home?

Arrange for a neighbour to receive the meals. We can leave it outside your door steps. If that is not possible the other option is to arrange pick up at the kitchen.

How are my meals delivered?

Meals are delivered in recyclable and microwave-safe containers in an insulated cooler bag with ice pack. You can purchase a cooler bag with ice packs. A one-time $20 non-refundable fee). This is only for customers who will not be home to receive meals.

Customers will have their cooler bags with ice packs outside. When the driver arrives, they will put your meals inside the cooler bag with ice packs to keep the food between 1-5 degrees Celsius. The cooler bag will be left in front of your door.

Customers who opt out of purchasing a cooler bag will receive their meals in a plastic bag with their delivery information on it. If there are no cooler bags outside and we cannot get in contact with the member or anyone, the meals will be left outside your door steps.