Thought and care, from our kitchen to your door

Meet the culinary masterminds behind your delicious meals.

Omar Radwan

Omar R.


Jansan McCorkle

Jansan M.

Chef, Partner

Michael C

Michael C.

Chef, Partner

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What’s different about us?

Illustration of a Farm

We source real ingredients.

We believe that great food shouldn’t be so hard to come by. It’s why we work with local businesses when available, by sourcing fresh, wholesome ingredients — from responsible suppliers and farmers — who don’t take shortcuts, and do things the right way to ensure delicious quality in every meal.

Illustration of a Nutritionist

Your own personal nutritionist.

Your own personal nutritionist is dedicated just for you. You talk to the same nutritionist each time, so you get personalized advice when you need it. They can answer your questions, assess your lifestyle, and help you adopt healthy eating habits.

Illustration of a Chef

Chef-crafted meals, every day.

Vittle is a meal preparation service that combines Ottawa’s best chefs and culinary talent with regionally sourced, wholesome ingredients, and rotating daily menus for every taste and dietary needs in mind. We cook, chill, and prepare every meal with care, and deliver it right to you, every day.