Plans with every taste in mind


Starting at $9.95 per meal

Free night before delivery with a minimum of 3 meals/ delivery.

Omnivore meals for the perfect balance between plant-forward fuel and Canadian meat in every dish. Athletic portions of meats, whole grains, and fresh, seasonal vegetables are also available.

  • High-quality, Canadian meat
  • Balanced whole and pseudo-grains
  • Rich in vegetables


Starting at $9.95 per meal

Free night before delivery with a minimum of 3 meals/ delivery.

Plant-based and nutritionally balanced meals, rich in protein and nutrients to keep you more alkaline, nourished, and satisfied. Supportive of immunity, digestion, and liver functions to keep you energized.

  • Pescetarian options for Vegetarians
  • Plant-based options for vegans
  • Farm-fresh produce


Starting at $9.95 per meal

Free night before delivery with a minimum of 3 meals/ delivery.

A mix between our nutritionally balanced plant-based, Vegetarian meals and our dense traditional meals. A meal plan without specification, this one keeps you on your feet and open to new flavours.

  • Great for exploring new dishes
  • Perfect balance between plant-based foods and animal protein

We cater to athletes, too.

We can customize your meal plan to ensure it suits your goals, lifestyle, and strict diet. Each meal can be upgraded and customized to give you exactly what you are interested in.

Flexibility and freedom to choose.

There’s no commitment. Choose how often you’d like to eat and what you like to eat — in any combination with no limitations. Skip weeks, adjust your meals, or cancel orders by the deadline – Thursday 11:59 pm.


Vittle serves convenience rather than just meals.

Don’t be time poor, stop wasting time grocery shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning up. Sign up today and take back control of your precious time.

Meet the team

We source local, wholesome ingredients.

We source fresh, wholesome ingredients from regional, responsible suppliers and farmers in Ottawa when available, to ensure delicious quality in every meal.


High-quality ingredients for more than just exceptional freshness and taste

  • All-natural, seasonal produce
  • Sustainably-sourced wild-caught seafood
  • Responsibly-sourced Canadian meat
  • No additives, preservatives or added hormones
  • Cage-free poultry and eggs

From our kitchen to your door, every day.

Our chef-crafted meals are cooked and chilled, then hand-packed using only environmentally-friendly materials. Delivered fresh every day via personal courier right to your door — ready to enjoy when you are.